About Cat's Meow

Your Cat is in Good Hands with Sharon

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Sharon is a qualified Veterinary Nurse with more than 20 years experience caring for cats. Starting her career in Africa, Sharon moved to Australia to follow her passion with a further 7 years as Senior Nurse at the renown Paddington Cat Clinic in Brisbane.  Opening Cat's Meow was the realising of a lifelong dream to provide a safe, caring, quality holiday and boarding facility - built for CATS! Taking into consideration their natures, likes and dislikes, safety and comfort, Cat's Meow is a 5 Star Luxury Cat Home away from home.

"I met Sharon Tooth in her capacity as senior vet nurse at the Paddington Cat Clinic some years ago. Her knowledge, skill, and commitment to the welfare of cats were recognised by all. Cat lovers I know were thrilled when they heard that she was planning to open her own cattery. Good holiday care for loved pets is sometimes hard to come by and there could be nobody better qualified to run a high quality cattery than Sharon."
- Fran, Veterinarian

5 Star Accommodation Exclusively for Cats

When you leave your feline friend with Cat’s Meow, we treat them like they are our own. We constantly monitor their health, happiness and eating patterns. We do whatever it takes to make your cat feel loved. Whether it is a special treat of rump steak to tempt a fussy eater, or a long cuddle on a lap to help a new guest settle in, nothing is too much trouble. Built, taking into consideration their natures, likes and dislikes, safety and comfort, Cat's Meow is a 5 Star Luxury Cat Home away from home.

Resident Owner & Manager Sharon Tooth provides exceptional care and attention as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, providing access to 24/7 onsite medical skills when needed, for that extra peace of mind while you are away.


Got a special request?

Just ask us! We're only too happy to help! Diet choices, bedding, grooming...anything!

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Premium Foods

We have many premium brands and varieties to tempt even the fussiest eater or you can let us know your cat's favourites.



Feel confident leaving your little one with us. We provide toys, playtime and lots of interaction for our youngest guests.

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Diabetic like Fleur here?

Diabetic Monitoring and Insulin Medications are able to be included in your Pet's care.


Toys & Furniture

We have a range of scratching poles, tunnels and toys as well as a hidey box - making lots of places to nap! You are welcome to bring along anything that will make your cat feel more at home.


Aging & Geriatric Care

ONSITE 24/7 Vet Nurse. We love our seniors and specialise in their care, checking for any changes in health, making sure they are comfortable and contented.


Love & TLC

All our Team are Cat-a-holics! You're feline is always 'loved-up' here at Cat's Meow!

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Leave me alone!

Giving our more private guests the space to feel happy and secure is not a problem.


Exercise & Socialisation

Once your feline friend feels at home, we can even let them out to play and socialise if you'd like. Just let us know.