A Bit Of Christmas Poetry!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

every cat lay in wait for the day to fly by…

The stockings once hung.. now lay on the floor..

the contents of which was remembered no more…

The presents, once wrapped, now shredded for sure..

And the baubles, oh the baubles…batted and swiped,

stalked, stealthily from branches aloft,

Like glitter they smashed on the floor below,

what a sight! What a sound!

Such a satisfying prize causing purrs to abound.

The Turkey.. ahh the turkey.. sat as glistening prey,

for the claws that were lurking not far away..

The ham smelt delicious, but waving hands flew, 

in every direction, a cat they must shoo…

And when the hustle and bustle of the day comes to end

on the faces that smiles and love once adorned

A frown and a scowl is now firmly in place

Kitty-redemption must be sought poste haste

A rub and a purr against legs as they pass

A gentle paw reaching with that look in my eyes

That says it was all just in fun

Just a kitty’s day play…

Why so serious?

Why so much angst ?

Over toys and presents and baubles and things

that were made to bring joy 

Yet for you, not so much.

Why not forgive and forget

and love me anyway?

On a lap I will sit

A purr I will give

Persistent for your love to return

There it is

I can see it

A smile it does creep

Round the corner

Just a hint.

You know you can’t stop it

There’s no point in trying

You know you can’t hide it

I’m adorable!

lets face it,

As mad as you get, it only takes but a while

for you to submit.

In my charms you surrender

In my eyes you melt

til all is forgotten, forgiven and dealt

Off to bed we must go

For Santa awaits

With a smirk, off we trundle

With a satisfied purr, lights go off,

the day’s done.

As you sleep, as you rest,

with visions of sugar-plums that dance in your head.

As tomorrow’s light dawns,

I remind you once more

Christmas is MY time,

Of this I am sure… 

Love & Merry Christmas – From all of us at Cat’s Meow!!!