Frequently Asked Questions

It's perfectly normal to have questions about your cat's care and to check that we meet your expectations before leaving your feline companion with us. Here are a list of questions we regularly are asked along with the answers. If we haven't answered your questions here, then please give us a call and we'll happily talk you through anything you'd like to know.

Does my cat need to be vaccinated and wormed to stay at Cat's Meow?

Yes, at least 2 weeks prior to your cat's stay. Your Vet can advise your best vaccine for up to date coverage. Our minimum requirement is the F3 Vaccine, however, we recommend F4 or higher for your cat's best protection. Worming your cat is part of their health routine and should be done every 3 months for adult cats. So if they haven't been wormed for a while, please use Cat Drontal or one of the better brands to help them maintain their best health.

What about Fleas?

We recommend flea treatment a few days prior to your cat's arrival at Cat's Meow such as Frontline or Advantage. We work hard to ensure a flea free cattery. On admission we will check your cat for fleas. Should your cat have these unwelcome guests we will provide a flea treatment at a cost of $9.

What are the check-in & check-out times?

Cat's Meow check-in and check-out times are 8-11am and 4-6pm Monday to Friday and 9-11am on Saturdays.

Please note that out of hours admissions and check-outs may attract an additional fee. In peak seasons such at Easter & Christmas we may need to make a firm time with you for check-in and out to ensure smooth transition for each arriving and departing guest with minimum delays.

Can I inspect Cat's Meow to see for myself?

We would love you to visit us and view our facilities before entrusting your cat to us. Inspections are welcome during opening hours (see above) or by special arrangement.

Do you offer a pickup or delivery service?

We may be able to collect your cat from your home if you are in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. We can also arrange collection from selected transfer agents (Vet surgeries). Just call us and we can discuss options with you.

Can I call you to check on my Cat/s?

Absolutely. We understand you may want to check in on your cat while you are away. You can call us during office hours, if your call is diverted to our answering machine while we are with our cat guests, we will return your call asap. You are also welcome to drop us an email or we can arrange a suite with a webcam (see below).

Can I see how my cat is doing?

We understand that sometimes you need additional reassurance about your cat and how they are settling in. Webcam access is available by request in selected suites for a small daily fee. This will enable you to log on to the Internet and see what your kitty is doing at any time. You can also request a holiday photo of your cat to be emailed to you while you are away and of course please follow our Facebook page and you'll see regular updates of all our guest's antics and activities.

Can I bring my Cat's own bedding or scratching post?

If your cat is particularly attached to its bed or scratching post from home, please bring it with you to help your cat feel right at home.  Please just help us out by labelling everything you bring to assist us with cleaning and keeping all your items together.

How safe is my Cat?

For the safety of everyone on site - four-legged and two-legged alike - there is Crimsafe security screens on all windows to ensure that our guests do not go walkabout and we do not get any unwelcome visitors dropping in. There are very strict protocols about entering and leaving the cattery. We also ensure all our cattery is entirely snake and other critters proof!

What do you do to maintain hygiene?

We aim for an immaculate standard of hygiene within our resort. Litter trays are changed numerous times a day and are fully disinfected between use. All suites are cleaned and disinfected daily, with a deep clean and disinfection between each guest.

Read about our cleaning regime below.

How do you clean your Suites between guests?

Here at Cat's Meow Cattery your cat's well-being is our number one priority. Due to recent outbreaks of the Cat Flu in and around Brisbane, we have increased the scrutiny of our cleaning protocol.

Please note, this is no substitute for vaccinating your cat(s), nor does it mean we can guarantee that your cat won't develop flu-like symptoms. Cat Flu and its symptoms can appear when a cat is particularly stressed (especially if the cat is already a flu-carrier). There is no way you can tell whether or not a cat is a flu carrier or not. The virus can also be transmitted through the air and direct contact.

To minimise the possibility of your cat(s) contracting cat flu we have put in place several new cleaning protocols, including barrier nursing, rigorous hand-washing (with a hospital grade Microshield hand wash) and the use of one of the strongest Veterinary Disinfectants (Virkon S—this is a non-irritating, non-corrosive, biodegradable disinfectant, and so is safe for use around animals).

Our Step-By-Step Procedure for Suites Cleaning is as follows:

1. Wipe the suite walls with boiling water to clear any debris and visible dirt.

2. Wipe the cat seat with hot water to remove any visible dirt.

3. Spray the whole suite (including cat seat) with Virkon S disinfectant.

4. Leave for 10 minutes to ensure all gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts, moulds, fungal spores, and virus germs are eradicated.

5. Rinse the whole suite with boiling water for ultimate cleanliness.

6. Clean windows with Windex (these will have been sprayed & wiped as per the suite).

7. Steam Mop floors.

How can I make my Cat's stay more enjoyable?

The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your cat will be. Please bring your cat in a carry box. Very few cats enjoy riding in cars—keep calm and gently talk to them while you drive (this is not the time to play loud rock music in your car!). We recommend that you bring your cat's favourite bedding and/or one of your worn t-shirts so they can snuggle into your scent. If you have more than one cat at home it is best to keep them together during their holiday at Cat's Meow.

How do I re-introduce my Cat to our home after the holiday?

Just give them some time to sniff and re-familiarise themselves. They may be more interested in checking out what may have changed while they have been gone, than eating at first. Once they've done the rounds, offer some food and your lap to help them settle. Allow your cat to reacclimatise to inside before letting them outside.