VIP Garden Suite

Exclusive garden suites offer enclosed private access to an outside adventure play area and garden. Perfect for active cats, cat families, and the pampered puss, your cat can spend the day sunning itself under a shrub, reclining in a hammock, and scratching on a log. Our Garden Guests retire inside for the night to their climate controlled indoor suite to keep them safe and secure. Ideal for families of 3.

Climate controlled

Ideal for up to 3 cats

3m x 1m x 2.5m

Private outdoor access

Cat seat, tunnels, cat run & comfy bedding

Price includes litter, food & daily brush

Regular photos

Optional extras available

Quality care

Standard Rate: $42.35 per Cat/Day*

*A surcharge applies for peak periods and public holidays

* For long term stays too, we are negotiable so please contact us directly.

* For each subsequent cat boarding in the same suite we can offer a 15% discount on the rate before GST. 

* Please note an additional $3 + GST per day fee for mature cats above 16 years of age 

What's Included:

  • Fees include all food and litter. Premium Veterinary formulated foods are offered twice daily or see Special Needs under 'Optional Extras' below.

  • We endeavour to take care of your cat as if it was one of our own with lots of cuddles and affection.  

  • Daily brush. 

  • Bedding, litter, and a selection of toys are available. You are more than welcome to bring anything familiar from home for your precious feline to make them feel less stressed and more at home here at the cattery. PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to ensure that everything you bring with your cat leaves with your cat, but during Peak Season it can be difficult as items need to be cleaned. To help us, we ask that you label any belongings you bring with you.

  • We also do medications for diabetics twice a day, and we can also check blood glucose levels for a small fee unless you supply your own glucometer.

  • Our staff take regular photos of our guests and these are uploaded on Facebook so that you can see how much your cat is enjoying their holiday. You can follow us on Facebook to get updates by clicking HERE.

Optional Extras

Cat Play Sessions

Cuddles are part of the package at Cat's Meow but some cats need more. For cats that love attention and personal play time you can book one-on-one, active play therapy sessions lasting 15-20 minutes. Sparkling balls, twitching feathers on a stick, and catnip fascinators are all used to engage your cat in active play through tunnels and play towers.

Rate: $5.50 per session

Special Needs

Does your four-legged family member have some special needs? Medications? Ageing, Diabetic or Geriatric? Young and Playful or require a special menu? With your own ON-SITE Veterinary Nurse and relationships with quality Veterinary practices throughout Brisbane including the Cat Clinic, you can rest assured your little one is in good hands.

$ Price on Asking