Pamper Your Feline This Valentine’s Day

Pets do more than provide companionship. Science has shown that they lower our stress and blood pressure. They soothe us when things get tough. They spark a special, innocent joy in us when they play. Their purrs are calming reminders that love and friendship are the most important things in the world. 

Why not show your love and appreciation, and share this Valentine’s Day with your fur baby?

Be Meow Valentine?

Cats don’t ask for much. They don’t care how much money you spend on them. The best gift you can offer them on any given day is affection, but there are a few luxuries you can incorporate as a special thank you to kitty. Even better, you don’t have to doll up or spend a fortune.

Kitty Spa Day

Most of us give our fur babies ample petting, but have you ever given kitty a massage? Use slightly more pressure and slow, circular motions with your fingertips on kitty’s cheeks and temples. Gently but firmly stroke between kitty’s eyes. 

With both hands, stroke kitty from head to tail in one slow movement. Do this a few times. Now work your way from head to tail in circular motions. 

If kitty doesn’t mind you touching the belly, shoulders, and base of the tail, massage these areas too – even paws if kitty allows you. Kitty will be in heaven – but you are also helping kitty’s blood circulation and relieving muscle strain.

Special Treats

A rich, luxurious meal is great if your feline isn’t finicky or has a delicate digestive system. Most cats have treats that they like. Don’t go overboard, but giving them a few extra pieces won’t hurt. 

Exercise is also essential at every stage of a cat’s life, and most cats won’t pass up a chance to play, especially if there’s something new to explore. Show your love with a new toy or two, and spend some extra time playing with them. 

A New Special Space

Cats have different preferences when it comes to cat beds, cat condos, or hangout spots, but you could try giving your kitty a new scratching post with toys attached and a sprinkling of catnip, or a new napping cushion. Some cats are obsessed with boxes – grab an empty cardboard box from the grocery store and hide kitty’s favourite toy in it (or lead kitty into it with the laser pointer). 

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Love overcomes any language barrier. Cats can tell how much you care through your tone of voice, so go ahead and tell kitty. Chances are, as you spoil kitty this Valentine’s Day, through relaxed eyes and content purring, kitty will let you know how wonderful you are as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Cat’s Meow!