The Easter Bunny Can Visit Your Cat Too!

Although cats aren’t necessarily aware of seasonal festivities, they can tell that something different is going on. Lots of people come over for, or kids crawl around the house looking in every nook, or it’s one of a few times of the year that you go away for a little while. Obviously, the “Easter Bunny” shouldn’t leave chocolate eggs for your cat (reminder: chocolate can be fatal to kitties), but there are a number of ways you can include your cat in Easter activities. 

What’s great about these ideas is that if you have kids around, they can be part of the activities or prep, like helping you make and decorate items. 

Cat Version of the Easter Egg Hunt

Leave a (dry) treat or two in a few places that your cat likes to hang out or will come across. They will either be pleasantly surprised upon finding a random yum yum, or they will actively search because they can smell their treats. Keep track of what you have “hidden”, in case kitty doesn’t find them all. You don’t want other critters inspired to do some Easter hunting in your house…

Some people already do this, or have a toy that makes the cat work for the treat inside, to keep their cat’s hunting sense sharp. If this is what you do, perhaps swap out the regular treat(s) for something more decadent, that kitty will loooooove.

Easter Egg Toys

Did you know that those dollar store plastic eggs can make excellent cat toys? If you insert something small that’s of a good weight (not too light, not too heavy) and close it, it will make sounds that might inspire kitty to chase it. A couple of dried beans, a pinch of uncooked rice, or even a little bell will work. Seal it up well with invisible tape.

For nighttime play, use an egg that glows in the dark. You may have to “charge” it under a lamp or on a sunny window sill for a few hours for optimum glow, but when the sun goes down, turn the lights off and watch the show! Put it away before bedtime if you don’t want to hear kitty bat it around all night.

You could also make an egg shaped catnip pillow – you can use fabric scraps, an old tea towel, or hit the dollar store.

Easter Headquarters

How about a cardboard box with an egg shaped opening through which kitty can enter and exit, and a nice soft mat or blanket inside? Your cat may like a new private space from which to rule the household, and you can have a blast decorating it. Stickers, paints/markers (make sure they are completely dry before presenting the box to kitty) – go nuts!

What Your Cat Really Wants for Easter

You. Cats have different personalities and preferences and there is a lot of hit and miss, which is why DIY toys are a great idea. Some like more overt affection than others, but they all enjoy feeling like someone cares for them. Making the effort to entertain them can go a long way to doing that.

If you tend to visit family or take short trips around Easter, boarding your cat is a great way to ensure they are not lonely over Easter. That way, you know that someone is always there for kitty and don’t have to feel that you’re putting out a friend or family member. Then, upon your return, let kitty enjoy some Easter activities, so that your cat can associate a short boarding stay with lots of love and treats!