Let us Focus on Shorthair Cats

Often there is quite some confusion between these breeds, so let us have a look at a few shorthair breeds that we, at Cats Meow, are so lucky to have holiday with us:

British Shorthair – are a purebred. They have a lovely soft, plush coat and big eyes. They are generally gentle and sweet in nature, although, as befits their British heritage, they can be a little reserved to begin with.

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Scottish Fold – is a sweet, charming breed, with their copper-coloured eyes, floppy ear cartilage, the Scottish Fold is a unique and special little creature. Their tail should be handled carefully as some of these cats are known to develop stiffness in the tail that causes pain.

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Domestic Shorthair – The Domestic Shorthair is a mix all wonderful traits in one gorgeous package. In Britain they are generally called Moggies, In the Philippines they are often referred to as Puspins. Not overly scientific but, hey, all cats are good cats.