Pt.1 Who Of Our Celebrity A-Listers Are In Fact Cat Ladies?

So just for fun, we cast our eyes to Hollywood to see who of our favourite stars is in fact a ‘Cat Lady’! Let’s see who not only makes the red carpet but also our C-List! 

TAY-TAY (Taylor Swift)

Meredith, whose full name is Meredith Grey (after, you guessed it, the main character on Grey’s Anatomy) is not Swift’s only cat. The singer also has a cat named Olivia Benson, after the character from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Apparently, Swift passes most of her free time watching quality television. And who can blame her – both Meredith and Olivia are great, complex female characters.


Apparently Cher is a regular person just like the rest of us, and she simply loves cats.

Judging from her Instagram and Twitter feeds, Cher is absolutely in love with her cat Mr. Big. And we get her – that cat is crazy cute. And she loves to show him around, so the public got to know him too. When Mr. Big fell ill a few years back, it was international news and the whole world united in hope and prayer for Cher’s furry little companion.


Katy Perry once said that she loved cats so much it’s actually an obsession, adding that she wants to make the “cat lady” thing cool again. Around here we already know it’s cool.

The self-professed cat-lady has two felines, one of which is rather egotistically named Kitty Purry and the other is simply called Krusty.


Hilary Swank’s is a vehement protector of animal rights. She appeared in several campaigns to raise money for animal shelters, hosted programs promoting the principles of animal rescue, and allegedly, even secretly paying vet bills for people who can’t afford to make the bill for their pet.

Hillary often poses for pictures with her cat Tallinn.

She has started her own Hilaroo Foundation that brings together animals in need of care and disadvantaged youth, two groups that are highly vulnerable and in need of care and love. She has also recently been awarded the Compassion Award by ASPCA, alongside Edie Falco.

Hilary Swank, not only an avid cat lover also shares her love with several rescued dogs living in her home.


Dita Von Teese, an American burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, entrepreneur and occasional actress likes to treat the cats like royalty. Like a lot of celebrities, (and regular people we say) it’s almost as if they are their children, and Dita Von Teese really feels that way. She considers herself to be the mom of three gorgeous Devon Rex cats.

When she wants to travel with the cats, she obviously does so in style. All of her cats have their own Louis Vuitton carriers and not only that, but all of them are individually monogrammed and personalized.


Just one look at Cameron Diaz and you kind of know that she is a cat person. Even the roles she plays would just lead you to believe that she loves cats. And she really does. Diaz has a cute and fuzzy little white cat. He looks like a little snow ball and he has a great name too.

The cat’s name is Little Man, and he is absolutely adorable. Just like many other celebrities with cats, Diaz loves to pamper her Little Man. She is known for her style and spends a lot of money and effort on always being dressed in the best clothes and she makes no exceptions for Little Man either.

Don’t be surprised if you see them somewhere together and the two are wearing matching outfits. According to sources, Diaz loves spending money on the cat and even gets custom clothes made for him all the time.


Starring as Catwoman in the 2004 blockbuster- She has always loved cats and has had pet cats for many years.

Of course, many cats appeared in the movie, 43 to be exact. And Berry ended up adopting one of the cats that was trained to appear in the movie. And she named him Play Dough.

So there we have it! Stay tuned folks when we find out in Part 2 who our most famous Cat-Men are!

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