Pt. 2 Our Favourite Celebrity Cat-Men!

If you missed Part 1 of our Celebrity Cat-Ladies you can pop over and check it out. However, this time we shine the light on our Celebrity Cat-Men! Take a look who makes the list below.  


Interestingly, he is the only person on this list who doesn’t actually own a cat.

But he loves, loves, loves them, as he made clear at a recent Internet-themed panel show hosted by Comedy Central, called @midnight. In addition to wearing a sweet cat shirt, featuring a cat with sunglasses and words “Live In The Meow”, Hamm spoke in great lengths about his love for cats. Hamm said that the reason why he loves the Internet is – cats. Not news – just cats.

He proceeded to sing praises to “the man’s best snuggle buddies” and also quizzed other guests on the panel about his favorite Internet spot, the Bodega Cats Tumblr page. If you ever needed another reason to fall completely in love with Jon Hamm (which we doubt), this is definitely the one.


The actor is very active as an animal rescue supporter and not just on paper – he is always finding people who would adopt a rescued animal and, of course, he has rescued a few of them on his own. One of them is actually a feral cat from Hawaii who, allegedly, grew up in the jungle, the second one was rescued from Canada and the third one was rescued from a New York City dungeon. 


James Franco is a cat person because that’s the way he was raised. According to the actor, his family always had cats and he was always around them. So naturally, he had his own cats after moving out on his own.

He also says that he believes that giving your cats cool names is very important. He, in particular, likes to name his cats after literary figures. Currently, he has two cats. One of them is named Zelda after Zelda Fitzgerald, and the other is named Sammy, after Sammy Glick from What Makes Sammy Run.

But that isn’t even the half of it. Sure, if you’re browsing his Instagram, you’ll definitely see a cat picture or two every now and then, but Franco is so into cats that he actually created his own cat calendar for 2014. Now that’s what we call dedication and a true blue fan of felines.


If you only know Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network¸ you probably see him as a cold, insensitive guy who has very limited affection even for people, let alone for animals. However, this is an unfair perception since in reality Eisenberg couldn’t be further from that image.

The actor is actually a very passionate advocate of animal shelters and has fostered a number of cats in need of love and care. Eisenberg also became the spokesperson for the Washington Animal Rescue League, filming a PSA in which he asks the public to accept cats in need into their homes and to help the League through donations.

He also spoke at the New Yorker Festival on behalf of “Team Cats” alongside his cat and, in his words, his best friend, Mr. Trunkles. If this is not a definitive reason to fall completely in love with Mr. Eisenberg, on top of his acting merits, of course, we don’t know what is.


Eccentric star Russell Brand has a cat called Morrissey. And the pairing of Brand and a cat is so crazy that it just…works. Brand is a comedian and actor who starred as the (fictional) erratic rockstar Aldous Snow in the movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek, and his off-screen personality isn’t tame either which is what makes him being a cat lover not so radical. I mean c’mon?!! Could we really see Russell with a dog??? It would certainly take a cat to understand Russell’s erratic and impulsive nature providing perhaps a sense of calm in his crazy world.. and certainly unconditional love.

So! Who knew?! Some surprising insights into our male ‘cat-lady’ counterparts. If you know of any other Celebrity C-listers that should be on the list, please leave us a comment!

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